Hypno-Birthing: Expectation and focus. The subconscious will work at creating what we focus on. The more emotion we feel towards an event, the more energy our subconscious will devote to the outcome of our focus. Emotion is a key part of the language of the subconscious mind. Where as, the conscious mind is analyzing, confirming, and cataloging what we perceive. Based on a prior event or a “suggestion” that has been accepted. As far as “suggestions” go we accept many. Example: “Someone I value”, felt a certain way and experienced “this outcome” I myself feel that way so I may also experience the same outcome, good or bad. The “suggestion” is there and has been accepted.  Thankfully the subconscious mind is much more powerful. With that power of focus we can achieve a great many things once we learn to use and harness this powerful tool. And are aware of the suggestions we are bombarded with in our day to day lives. This is especially true with mothers and daughters. Mom had an awful experience giving birth, so naturally the daughter may feel that she too will experience the same. This suggestion can be accepted, just because the mother is someone that the daughter has looked to for guidance.  Based on that authority suggestions are easily acceptable. I’m sure she has heard about it many times.

                The focus in todays society is – pain. Everyone speaks about it, it is analyzed, compared, and judged. So, with that being the focus, the subconscious does its best to make it happen. I am the proud father of two wonderful children. The labor and delivery was not desirable. In fact, it was awful and I was helpless to do anything but be supportive. I had a hard time thinking that is was “the miracle of life” that it should be. The poor suggestion of this story can go on at great detail. It is one of the driving forces that has motivated me to learn this wonderful profession. Hypno-baby birthing? I need this! Sign me up. Instinctively I knew there was a better way. People have been having babies for a very long time. I wondered what is the difference between one woman’s experience and the next? Our Doctor told us my wife would easily deliver a baby. That was not the case. So, what is the difference? Expectation and focus.

                What is the Hypno-baby birthing at Ascending Energies Hypnotherapy? It will be 4 or 5 sessions with myself Stuart Dyck CCHt. I am certified Hypno-baby birthing and Hypno- fertility facilitator certified by the Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta.  The first session will be to de-program the accepted non-productive “suggestions”, to provide a pleasant experience to focus on, and to connect to the baby on a subconscious level. The second and third sessions will be focussed on managing comfort levels, and installing a “Hypno-epidural” if the delivery is to take place in a hospital. While still addressing any de-programming that should arise. The last session would involve a partner, to activate the subconscious anchoring’s that have been installed during the second and third session. Also they will need to understand their role as a coach.